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Want to make the world a better place?

I would like to know thoughts from the fellow netizens whatever field you work on (say social enterpreneurship arena or folks from sustainable development/energy industry) to suggests what can be done here. This is something near and dear to my heart so looking for ideas that can be converted at mass scale level. Here is what I am looking for:-

How to package alternative energy source (say solar energy) as an end product cheaply that can help produce electricity, heat and other energy needs for developing countries like India. Specifically targeting this to the rural India that lacks infrastructure and remains poor from affordability stand point. Some key requirements that I think are must to meet:-

  1. Standalone product – not dependent on other infrastructure to be available
  2. Easy to install – since we are talking mass adoption
  3. Easily plugs into and works with the existing electrical wiring and fixtures, if there are any
  4. Able to power up basic amenities – light bulbs, fans, etc. Basic home appliances.
  5. Easy to ship/transport
  6. Rugged – can sustain weather and rough/tough handling
  7. Reliable life span. Remember in countries like India people usually don’t recycle stuff that easily.
  8. Scalable technology/product – for mass adoption
  9. Low cost of the initial product – folks can’t buy expensive product. It’ll be even hard to sell less costly alternative. Some additional thoughts need to come in to identify cooperative or other model that can help fund the cost of the product and its usage.
  10. Minimal/no cost of the running product
  11. Easily and cheaply maintenance for regular wear and tear (or replaced)

Any and all thoughts that can help progress the discussion are welcome.


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