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Colorado Gubernatorial debate update

Today I attended the Colorado Gubernatorial event at Brown Palace hotel during lunch. Forum was good and we had over 200 people – mostly CEOs and executives from local technology companies, in the room. My friend, Vic Ahmed, President of TiE-Rockies opened up the debate. Both VCs Jack Tankersley and Brad Feld did a good job moderating the event.

Much of the discussion between the two candidates was cordial – Bob Beauprez made his statements and Bill Ritter made his own. However, on few points there was some disagreement that showed the partisan split. Particularly around Referendum C.

Some of the questions asked were around:-

1. Education

2. Renewable Energy and growth

3. How to attract big technology companies head quarters in Colorado. Seems like a trend where big Colorado technology companies gets picked up by large corporations from outside Colorado. Recently, McData, StorageTek, etc. were acquired. Resulting into not too many big technology companies in Colorado now.

I was hoping there would be a question around outsourcing and understand candidates stance. Also, what would they do to help ease the pain that gets affected by the outsourcing. Anyway, no such question was asked.

Since I am politically inactive and have no previous knowledge of either candidate – personally, I left the place without picking any favorite. I am not sure any candidate will do better than other to cultivate technology/entrepreneur environment. My vote on either of the candidate will be on some other factor than just today’s discussion. Just could not pick my favorite – not that I went there thinking I will pick a favorite.

Just a logistics note – serving lunch at the same time when candidates were debating was not a good idea. Too much distraction and noise from servers while taking away dishes or serving the food. There was much activity on the floor throughout that could have been avoided by starting 30 min earlier.

On a disappointing note to myself – I carried camera with dead batteries. I was hoping to post at least one photo here of the debate. Oh! well – some other time.


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