More thoughts on Social communities within an Enterprise

Facebook on Tuesday added a new feature that RSS feeds changes on a member page to its friends like photos updates, profile changes say address, status, etc. This new feature got strong negative feedback from the user community. By Friday, CEO of Facebook has to come out and say how they messed up here and need to review and modify the feature. Read his blog here.

Anyway, the point here is what I suggested earlier on Social communities and interaction blog around how within an Enterprise a similar relationship can be formed between its social communities.

Like in this case among the end user community and the developer/implementation folks. Currently, within enterprise, this is accomplished in various ways to engage customers/users, capture the need of the end users while building an enterprise software and get user feedback on the feature. Several local or global user groups, customer consortium, product launches, conferences, regular meetings, customer surveys, etc. all try to gauge the need, establish requirement and later feedback on what’s working or not. This works for few customers that participate but misses out on the larger customer base. Also, the process is long and lot gets lost in translation as information changes hand from end user before it reaches developer/implementer.

In some regard, today, it is a discussion of haves and have nots. Today, it is a discussion of which customers have found ways to influence the eco system versus who don’t.

Can Enterprise 2.0 provide similar equalizer to all – small or large, local or global, vocal or supportive, successful or struggling, etc. – with an opportunity to choose and participate in defining enterprise implementation to morph to their need in a quick and efficient way? If done right – I think yes…What do you think?


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After travelling the world and living in several places, Alok lives with his wife Alka and two daughters Ayushi and Mansi in Denver, Colorado. At work Alok is known to build software products and run engineering organizations - a life long passion.
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