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For folks who live on the leading edge of gadgets – read a review of Slingbox and how you can watch your TV feed while on road.

Now I am curious – how many people are really-really hooked on to their TV shows that they can’t live without while on-road. I know people who can’t live without their Tobasco sauce and carry it wherever they go. This just takes it to the next step for road-warriors and extend their personal boundary.


1 thought on “Slingbox”

  1. I put a slingbox into my condo about three months ago. Love it!

    I’m not that hooked to my tv, however the ability to use a Motorola Q for viewing remotely (I grabbed one under the special Sprint SERO plan which for $30 /mo gives unlimited data and 500 min voice).

    I also like watching it while on the road or in the office.

    Maybe I watch it the most just because the technology amazes me.


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