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A view on Indians immigrants

A columnist and businessman, Vivek Wadhwa shares his views on why Indians are such a successful immigrant group. Ignore the catchy title but the stats thus far remain good to prove his point. Also, US immigration rules helps as typically it attracts somewhat better part of the crowd (educated, skilled, speaking english, etc.) from India to start with.

I am sure many first generation Indians who immigrated to America can relate to several points identified in the article. Vivek has highlighted the following points :-

  1. Emphasis on education
  2. Upbringing – expectations
  3. Hard-work
  4. Determination to overcome obstacles
  5. Entrepreneurial spirit
  6. Recognizing Diversity
  7. Humility
  8. Family Support
  9. Financial management – Spending within means
  10. Networking
  11. Giving back
  12. Integrations and acceptance

Ignore the Indian title and most of these traits now become the proven recepie of anyone from any background who have been successful in life.


1 thought on “A view on Indians immigrants”

  1. Networking is interesting. To the best of my knowledge, Indians are not good at team work. Former P and G MD, Mr Gurcharan Das also pointed out in his book “India unbound” how the lack of team spirit among Indians dates back to the times Alexander invaded india. They seem to work quite well abroad. Maybe its the weather-hehe.

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