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Yahoo mail gets better

Yahoo just launched beta program of its Yahoo! mail. User experience is just slick and getting pretty close to windows based clients. It allows drag and drop, selecting, highlighting multiple emails, various sorting of mails, preview pane, popular keyboard shortcuts, etc. Client layout is quite similar to what people are probably used to seeing on their windows based mail client reader. I find new user experience more productive than the earlier version.

Here is a screen shot of Yahoo Mail before and after…





I also like having RSS feeds available right next to all the mail folders. Although, functionality of Yahoo! RSS reader is still not at par to Newsgator or other popular web based RSS reader but Yahoo! may catch up here. I would like to keep my blogroll updated right from my RSS Reader. This will eliminate my need of having two sign-ons and two different windows one for Yahoo mail! and other for Newsgtor RSS reader go away.

Check it out for yourself.


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