Meeting versus Movies

“Five dysfunctions of a team” book does an interesting comparison around movies and meetings. Basically, why are meetings boring to attend while movies are interesting. Why would people like to go watch movie and not excited to attend meeting?

To make story short – thought process here is the presence of “conflict” in movies that makes it interesting for people to watch and get involved with the plot. Point is during meetings it helps by being involved, having opinion, taking side on issues, having some conflict makes interaction exciting among people. Essentially, all conflicts are not bad in a team.

A team that has build trust among each other and understand that conflict, dis-agreements among parties, etc. are on positions that makes them pick the right choice towards acheiveing organization goals – is a mark of a stronger team.

If anything, meetings can be better than movies (I am sure someone is saying dream on!) since in a meeting one can participate and see the plot unfolding based on participation. At least, movies aren’t that interactive yet and the end is always pre-determined.


About aloktyagi

After travelling the world and living in several places, Alok lives with his wife Alka and two daughters Ayushi and Mansi in Denver, Colorado. At work Alok is known to build software products and run engineering organizations - a life long passion.
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