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Stitching systems together

As the need increases towards providing Internet scale systems either to serve consumer business or to serve enterprise businesses – various SaaS providers are working towards building huge IT infrastructure needed to support their services by stitching boxes together. Companies are putting much effort around how to architect, build, manage and provision such an infrastructure.

To that cause – Sun recently announced “BlackBox” effort as it tries to find its way and regain its footing. The pictures of the “Blackbox” are just great – it is datacenter pre-built in a shipping container and ready to be hooked up. Kinda data center on demand shipped to you right from the port. Side effect – it also saves the building cost needed to house the data center for much of the entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping their ideas. Can this thing be rented? Check it out for yourself…

k3_project_blackbox_1.jpg k3_project_blackbox_2.jpg


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