Relocation woes

Won’t it be cool to have relocation mashups that can help identify neighborhoods based on several social attributes like quality of school (can be broken down further), home school map, school district maps, average cost of houses, neighborhood recreation facilities, city, shopping needs, park, trails, etc. etc. It will be cool to have these tags extendable on a map to provide a meaningful way of managing multiple dimension of social needs that people go through while deciding on neighborhoods before relocating. Probably extending geocoding to allow managing location search across much broader range of geographic attributes.

How many sites people visit today and then painfully co-relate all the facts/mental images/opinions/etc. to zero in on a neighborhood/city that suits the family need? Like Zillow has done a good job of providing the bird eye view of a neighborhood on price before one drill down to a specific house to know the details.

Any entrepreneur who want to take this on or knows of a good location based vertical search that already exist?


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