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Should blogging change when you know your audience

Thus far I have been using blog to express my opinion on variety of topics that are close to me both personally and professionally. It started as a personal interest more than a year back as I started having dialogue with several local entrepreneurs. Since then, I enjoyed expressing my thoughts and extended my dialogue with like minded fellow netizens that remained largely unknown and faceless to me. Many of my colleagues did venture on my blog as they come to know its existence by word of mouth – but it was more of their curiosity than anything else.

However, as much of the Sage happen to know me through this blog – it is making me think how blogs should be used to have meaningful dialogue with the known audience. Should something change in a blog? 

So I am doing what every blogger do. Take the case to the audience and solicit feedback.

I am not sure yet what changes it should bring, but whatever it will bring it will be for the better. I look for your feedback. What do you see missing that you expect here? What kind of post do you want to see here? Shall I separate personal posts from professional posts? Do you care about frequency or style of communication or any other thoughts that you would like to share here.

Any and every feedback is welcome.


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