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3P – People, Product and Process

Last few days, I was busy clearing much of the boxes that I had brought back from my office. It was walking down the memory lane going over various folders, documents and depositing them to recycle.

One thing I noticed was how long 3P – People, Product Process has been part of my work. I found meeting agenda starting in year 2001 that included 3P. Managing around these dimensions became an integral and central part of the work. Although, the concepts got molded over the period of time.

I don’t recollect how I got exposed to 3P initially – but I recall managing to these dimensions got re-enforced after I read “Execution” by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan sometime in 2002-03.

In “Execution”, these three dimensions were referred to as “Strategy” – focusing on why/what; “Operations” – focusing on how; and “People” – focusing on who.

Coming from the Product Development organization, “Strategy” seemed to me as something that result into a “Product” and “Operations” was all about “Processes” needed to build an efficient organization.

So what surfaced in my staff agenda in 2001 – still remains an integral part of the agenda today.

Also one thing about opening old boxes – sometimes I think, it is better to keep them closed. It helps save time and grief.


3 thoughts on “3P – People, Product and Process”

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and it sure opened the old wounds ;).

    Actually, it was very good discipline we had there – its amazing moving to the bay area and realizing that how bad product development is in the bay area. If only we had the bay area marketing and Denver engineering, we would have ruled the ERP market.

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