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First month at Sage Software

One good thing about being terribly busy – time flies. I just finished my first month at Sage Software. Looking back, I find the first month fulfilling. I spent much of the time learning across 3P – People, Product and Process.

I spent good amount of time meeting people within and outside my organization. I tried to cover and meet my development organization at Irvine and Toronto. I met various leaders at Sage. I met a few of our business partners who are extremely dedicated to our products. Although, I continue to learn here, but it has jump started my journey at Sage and provided me various perspectives to have early discussion around organization.

In the coming months, I look for opportunity to meet customers and visit development site that I have not covered to meet with the team members in my organization.

I also spent much time understanding various software development and organizational processes. I have several products in my portfolio (MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, PFW and BW) and an organization that is geographically spread out. Each product team, based on the need, has evolved and morphed the processes over time. This makes it quite a learning curve to understand all the different jargons and acronyms used. I think, I am getting there where I can have meaningful conversation like a native with all the right jargons and acronyms in a sentence.

Also, I got several opportunity to review various product in action. I had few architecture discussion around MAS 90 and MAS 500 products. It is helping me form an early impression to have few discussions around evolving architecture. I also got the chance to review product roadmap and get the glimpse on where we are trying to sail the ship. I reviewed current releases in development. 

All in all – it was a great first month. Although, it kept me away from blogging but I am hoping I made up the time learning various aspect of my new job.

 Bon voyage!


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