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You get what you measure (or lack of)

As the saying goes “What you can’t measure – you can’t improve”. Paul Kedrosky mentioned in his blog various metrics an enterprise software company to use. It lists a score card of a typical good enterprise software company.

Personally, I am a number kind of a guy and also emphasize measuring various aspect of business – be it around what we do (building, selling, supporting, etc.) in a company or how (process, organization structure, etc.) we do it. It makes decision making objective and helps the organization to focus on the right things. Although, people need to keep in mind common sense and an aspect on subjectivity before making decision – as sometimes indicators don’t tell the whole story.

Also before instituing any metrics, an organization management, should carefully consider what it is trying to accomplish. Metrics drives behavior within organization. So good metrics drive good behavior and bad metrics drive bad behavior in the organization.

Paul Kedrosky’s blog suggests few key measurements around various aspect of the business. It also include a typical score card that can be used to benchmark. Check it out.

In product development, few of the metrics that I find helpful are around the following:

1. Utilizing capacity and resources

2. Progress of current work in development

3. Several quality metrics of work in progress during various development phases

4. Quality of releases in the market

5. Customer satisfaction metrics

6. Various organization metrics


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