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MAS 90 Release 4.2


On March 9th, we released version 4.2 of MAS 90 – a leading mid market accounting solution – to distribution.

Here are the key theme of the release beside being the next generation, better and easier product to be launched in the market place.

  • Gain instant visibility across your business
  • Increase efficiency with easy personalization
  • Turn data into actionable knowledge
  • Achieve higher productivity
  • Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 works the way you do
  • Manage your customer relationships the way you want to
  • Congratulations to everyone across our various organizations who worked on this release. Thank you for your dedication and hard work towards getting this release out of the door.


    5 thoughts on “MAS 90 Release 4.2”

    1. btw, product marketing is going to send a nice email about the use of “MAS 90” in your blog…I get these emails monthly and sometimes remember what the marketing-policy-o-the-month is (aka “marketing department with too much time on their hands”).

      I think the first mention is “Sage MAS 90 ERP” with subsequent mentions “Sage MAS 90″….maybe the policy has changed by now. It’s been about a month since I got my last email…..actually they said I was in compliance except for one thing….. but neglected to mention the one thing..

      go figure

      that’s life on the other side of the fence for today…

    2. Do you know of anyone who is proficient at Mas90 Job Ops as an in house consultant?

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