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Earth day 2007

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I happen to watch the tail end of 20/20 on ABC tonight. It reminded me of the affordable energy source alternatives that I blogged sometime back here and here. This discussion remains close to my heart. It has the propensity to come up on various social occasions – particularly when I am around my friends from India who have some-kind of association with rural India.

So following what other bloggers do – shamelessly promoting to know like minded individuals. Here I am looking for people who are already involved or have the knowhow to provide reliable alternative (read solar) energy at an affordable cost that can scale to meet large community needs.

One approach that gets suggested often is providing solar energy alternative at an affordable price point with some kind of co-operative model leveraging booming retail industry’s supply chain in India to make energy alternatives broadly available in rural India. India has various successful and large grass roots efforts in different sectors. Like Micro-financing, various handicraft small scale industries, Dabba, Lijjat Papad, etc. So anyone out there promoting large scale reliable solar energy alternatives at affordable cost?


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