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Mass customization

Joseph Pine was a keynote speaker during Insights. He eloquently described how various companies are tapping into Customer Experience as a way to differentiate and grow the businesses. He calls this “Experience economy” – an evolution as manufacturing and services are increasingly getting commoditized.

This thought process is parallel to what we experience in the enterprise business. Every enterprise customer needs and their business is unique. They operate differently, and have different business process needs. This drives customers to have unique implementation. They deploy enterprise products differently; customize it to meet their unique needs; integrate to their own home grown, or legacy or other niche applications; additionally deploy 3rd party modules from ISVs, etc. thus resulting in an environment unique to run their business. In such scenario, usually, no two customers are alike in their implementation. Their experience with the infrastructure is tailored to their business needs.

Also, as technology landscape continues to evolve it will further improve delivery of the platforms and architecture necessary to provide unique experience and interaction rather easily. Much has already been touted how Web 2.0 and other Social networks based progression enhances user interaction and overall experience.

Companies are investing a lot in the usability studies and interaction design to understand user experiences. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ease of use remains the mantra for much of the product organizations to deliver ultimate customer experience in whatever they do.

This talk also added 2 books to my reading list.

imgbookmass.gif  imgbookexperience.gif


1 thought on “Mass customization”

  1. And how does this fit with a strategy like SAP’s A1S product? It doesn’t. Despite what I heard from Sage executives on the last earnings call, A1S is amied squarely at the Sage (and Exact, and MBS, etc) market space, at least the space occupied by products like MAS 90, MAS 500, and Accpac. But SAP says the new offering is designed to be work out of the box, without customization. In fact, the head of SAP marketing strategy said A1S will be cusomtized over my dead body. It’s going to be interesting to see how they work that out, but now it sounds like we may wait until well into next year to find out.

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