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Peachtree 2008


Earlier this week we announced the availability of Peachtree 2008 release. This is a new addition to my responsibility at Sage Software beside MAS products. Peachtree product development team in Atlanta is amazing and true to the tradition just released another great, simple to use product. You can learn more about the Peachtree product line here. It is an easy to use accounting product that provide deeper functionality and great customer experience to entry level businesses. It comes in four packages – basic, standard, advanced and premium.

Kudos to the team on another timely and quality release out of the door.


3 thoughts on “Peachtree 2008”

  1. Nice work but did PT2008 get rid of that crap pervasive DB? It is nothing but a nightmare trying to install and get it working on a wireless network that has any security at all on it. HOw bout using standard communications and odbc?

  2. And how about the stupid implementation of the search engine, where one cannot select case/non-case sensitivity? How lame is that? Not to mention the other crap that impedes the ability for a company to allow non-accountants to use the manufacturing version because it exposes sensitive information to low level employees who have no business seeing the profit/loss and similar information?
    Horrible software… wouldn’t buy it again.

  3. I have a problem regarding emailing bulk invoices with PT2008. The attached invoice is blown up to where the only a portion of the invoice is visible. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this issue? It has become a large problem when I need to email 200 invoices/month. -Thanks

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