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Direxions 2007


Earlier last week I was at Direxions, hosting ProvideX developer conference. This year we launched ProvideX supporting Eclipse as an IDE. ProvideX is a platform independent infrastructure that evolved out of Business Basic world. It is a complete development environment to build business applications. 

It was great meeting a committed developer and partner community at the conference. Thank you for attending and providing your candid feedback.

This year we had two keynotes. Himanshu Palsule opened the conference and delivered keynote on customer connected innovation. Himanshu’s presentation was phenomional and extremely well recieved. It was insightful to hear the value of customer experience and associated innovation. I delivered another keynote on enterprise software trends and challenges. As time permits, I hope to cover some of it here at this forum.

Happy application developing in ProvideX, and thank you for your continued support.


3 thoughts on “Direxions 2007”

  1. Hi Alok

    Just came across your blog…

    Interesting to see that as the R&D VP for Sage BMD which includes ProvideX, there is only ONE post about ProvideX dated 2007, and TWELVE about Sage MAS & other products.

    For me, it simply confirms the lack of commitment of Sage’s thinking heads about ProvideX.

    Don’t bother answering me…

    Leave long and prosper,

    Stéphane aka PvxGuru 😉
    Evry, France

  2. Hi Stephane,

    Thanks for visiting my personal blog.

    Just keep in mind this is my personal blog where I write on variety of topics. I don’t write about our products here. Our appropriate Product community sites/mailing lists are well supported and remains an effective place to discuss those.

    I will strongly urge to not draw any conclusion or interpret postings here as any indication of commitment. It is reading too much into it.

    On a side note though I hope you find something of mutual interest on this blog for us to strike a conversation.


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