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Sage MAS 500 Receives 5-Star Rating

Earlier this month Sage MAS 500 grabbed another 5-Star Rating in this year’s review of High-End Accounting Systems by The CPA Technology Advisor. The product received nearly perfect marks in all 6 review categories – Module/Scalability; Usability/User Experience & Security; Extensibility; Integration/Customization; Reporting and Support/Training & Help.

Check it out here.


1 thought on “Sage MAS 500 Receives 5-Star Rating”

  1. Seems impressive until I see that every product reviewed got a perfect score. Not a very meaningful review.

    At least it’s better that last year’s CPA Technology Advisor review which was written by a top Sage partner. Surprise, surprise, MAS 500 got a perfect score in that one too.

    More meaningful product “reviews” are the ones done by prospects every day. I don’t think MAS500 (or MAS90, or Accpac, etc) is scoring too well there.

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