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Grameen Shakti

While browsing through “Sun & Wind Energy” – a magazine on Renewable Energy, I stumbled on an affordable renewable energy alternative article for the developing world. This has been near and dear to my heart for sometime. I suggested few of the requirement in an earlier post here.

So just like that – as I am browsing the magazine I come to know about Grameen Shakti. It is an organization in Bangladesh trying to provide electricity to the population that otherwise would spend their night around a kerosene lamp. This is another Grameen initiative from Mohammed Yunus and his team who started the concept of micro financing.

Here are some of the photographs:-  

seeds_5_c.jpg s_a-woman-engineers-demonst.jpggshakti-demo.jpg bangla1.jpg 970e9696aa.jpg 64a6b15f6f.jpg

This video on Grameen Shakti captures the mission of the organization well. I like the quote …[Grameen Shakti] not just lightning up the lives but expanding their ambition…

Having an affordable electricity source has such a deep impact on improving the lives of millions. It is a tremendous source of hope and possibilities as remote (and otherwise lost) part of the world connects to the modern infrastructure. This is a start to get everyone connected to the modern economy.

Here are some excerpt on Grameen Shakti’s accomplishment and its homepage.

Hope is alive that one day renewable energy will be able to power the world – including the ones that have yet to connect to the modern economy.


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