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Organization thoughts

Organization is much in my thoughts these days. So I thought of capturing some of those that worked well for me over the years.

  1. Think globally act locally – Understand the big picture from business perspective and know where the ship is sailing to rationalize everyday decisions and their impact towards the goal.
  2. No Surprises– Trust gets built overtime. One way to foster trust in any relationship is to avoid surprises. It is mutual and my #1 ask of people who work with me – just don’t surprise me. More important – just don’t surprise when there is bad news. It helps keeping lines of communication open and over time groom trust needed in the current competitive landscape.
  3. Good news is no news, bad news is good news, no news is bad news– Idea being you can proactively work on improving should you know what the bad news is. It is just terrible when you have no clue what needs fixing or get no red flares. Key is being proactive in identifying bad news and aggressively working to fix it.
  4. Learn, Unlearn, Relearn – We live in a time where change happens more often. Technologies and business landscape is ever changing. One definition of illiteracy in the current world order is how fast one can learn, unlearn and relearn the new skills. Ask yourself do you have an appetite to learn as new opportunities knock on the door? Better yet present yourself to those new opportunities.
  5. Failure is an option – At times, we make mistake and fail. It is OK to make mistake. Knowing there is a safety net allows new ideas to nurture. But understand successful individuals also know how to fail early; correct quickly; and learn from it to avoid repeating it. You get additional point when you share the learning to peers so that others learn from your mistake. It help build openness, collaboration and trust.
  6. Bias to action – Remember – we all have an equal if not more chance to win. As the saying goes – luck favors those that are prepared and destiny is defined by the collective action we take. What need to be done is – act and act now. Take one step at a time without getting caught up with analysis/paralysis. Demonstrating progress and successes all along goes a long way than simple talk for the perfect grandiose plan.
  7. Be a problem solver – Highlight the problem but more importantly suggest alternatives and propose solution. Remember fun is in action and showing progress improving things – not by having the best idea in your brain that never gets to see the light of the day.
  8. Keep your commitment everyday – If you committed to finish something today – do it. Time and schedule are only as important as you would like them to be. It takes a discipline approach and soon one learns how to constantly prioritize everything that comes their way to ensure what is committed gets done. Whatever we slip – we slip one day at a time.
  9. Participate – Be engaged in understanding/participating/influencing organization goal; share your opinion and provide feedback. Also, know when a decision is made how to be the best soldier and execute.
  10. Lastly, have stretch goal – Impossible speaks loudly to I-M-Possible. We constantly see things that others would call hard but actually possible for some. This is one difference that makes an organization win over others in the marketplace. Keep in mind organization succeed when people succeed – not the other way around.

Bottom line – Keep an open mind; don’t shy away from going beyond what you know possible and have fun along the way. All work and no fun gets boring pretty quickly.



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