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Peachtree 2009

Earlier we released Peachtree 2009. This release has some great features – including improvement in the Payroll, Cash Management and Reporting space.

Also, check out Quantum, which include smart posting effort and others enhancements boosting tremendous performance and scalability gains. This will be a great win in the marketplace for our Peachtree/Quantum customers.

Kudos to the Peachtree organization for delivering yet another great release in the marketplace. Keep up the great effort Dena, Katie, Jason, Mandy, Rachel, Jeff, Doug, Rick, Eric, Natalie, Andrea and everyone in the Peachtree organization.

Incredible footprint of the product portfolio – addressing the need of an entrepreneur to an established enterprise; from Peachtree, Quantum, MAS 90/200 to MAS 500 – all seeing new version out in the market place with tons of customer value enhancements, technology uplift, new modules, improved performance and scalability. Way to go team!!!



6 thoughts on “Peachtree 2009”

  1. Our letter to Sage:

    Peachtree Complete 2009, “doesn’t support Remote Desktop Connection” Which Sage Software & Our Company, sure know it can. It’s sad to see that the software company that our company has pushed for years, start to pitfall. Your 2009 complete edition is programmed to disable the program from launching in a Remote Desktop Connection, but at the same time, if you launch the program from a users account at the server, then the user logs back into RDC from the remote terminal everything is peachy, with full functionality.

    Our company sees this as Sage just trying to boost sales and sell someone a higher level of the program that offers them “more forms” which many users DO NOT intent to use, but does give those RDC privileges. We can’t justify the cost difference for the RDC “feature” & we have no choice this year, but to switch all of our clients from Sage Software to Intuit, as anyone can RDC into their software, without the program refusing the launch in a RDC session. I hate to do this to the company we have supported for years, but unless a patch comes out to release the program from being denied on an RDC connection before mid September comes, we’ll have no choice. We are a nationally respect consulting company & we can not recommend a product that is below par to our standards.

    Thank You,

    J. Mehtala

  2. Dear J. Mehtala,

    I will reach out to you directly and discuss the concerns.

    Also, I will encourage Peachtree customers to visit Peachtree community site. It is a new addition to better support and foster the community. It has lot of information; various forums and represented by many fellow members of Peachtree community. Visit the community site at:



  3. This is a huge issue.

    A company I consult for purchased an upgrade to peachtree complete 2009 and I’m supposed to install it next week. He has 4 employees that often use Remote Desktop over VPN to access their systems on the road. Sage wants DOUBLE the money just so he can have that feature?! Ridiculous!

    He has Peachtree 2005 and he was on the fence about switching to Quickbooks or upgrading to Peachtree. He is now going to return it and switch to Quickbooks premier. If anyone had any updates or easy workarounds let me know at broughtonj AT gmail dotcom. In 5 days it won’t matter though 🙂

  4. Alex/Broughton,

    May I suggest you to share your feedback at the Peachtree community site? There are several Peachtree product experts both internal and external who monitor the forum actively and will be able to provide quick feedback. Here is the URL for the community site.

    I am not sure from this note what concern you have – sounds like licensing concern where the request is for multiple number of users to utilize single named user license???

  5. Long time PeachTree user…since 1998, but I have to say that today it’s just not working for us.
    PeachTree Quantum no longer is able to do a company restore … it just… crashes.
    Doesn’t matter which computer it is installed on, it cannot do a company restore.

    *Then* I learned that PT will not run on any computer with more than 1 processor, and forget about x64.
    Well, it turns out that *all* of our computers have dual or quad core processors.
    For $3,000, I would expect more than this.
    Plus, have to pay $300+ to ‘tech support’ to learn this?
    This, my friends, is BS. And it’s fraud. Before sales product ‘support’ indicates “no problem! standalone will work fine!”
    But now:
    1. cannot close year 2008
    2. cannot restore from backup
    3. cannot archive any company

    We are actively looking for a better accounting package in the < $3,000 price range.
    If anyone knows of a better (one that runs on Win7, multi-core processor, x64 bit, plus integrated credit card processing with backorder processing, plus full reporting) please post here. PeachTree obviously isn't up to it. My lord, they still don't fully support Vista.

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