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Simplicity – an example

NYTimes published this interactive chart showing statewide voting trends of democratic primary.

Just plain simple and easy chart – allowing information to dice and slice; form individual opinion and navigate the trend.

Consider the amount of multi-dimensional data that this chart shows. It consists of 16 dimensions; 50 data points; each data point suggesting additional attribute of %age point gain; etc. times 2 – one for each candidate. This easily require decent amount of data crunching to capture the information.

Also, consider how many ways this information could have been rendered to show various scenarios effectively.

Isn’t this chart easy? Instead of getting drowned in the whole bunch of statistics and data – this chart allows connecting dots and seeing the trend otherwise not visible.

Similar opportunities exist for browser based business applications in improving user experience that enables an individual to be informed; help make decisions; manage individual relationships and network along with the variety of tasks he or she need to get done.


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