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Alienus Non Diutius

Pixar motto “Alienus Non Diutius” (Latin for “Alone no longer”) speaks volume. Pixar is probably the only Hollywood production house that emphasizes collaboration where crew remain employed one movie after another. This is considerably different from other production houses where everyone is on a contract for one movie. Once the movie is over folks moves on to their next production forming another crew with other production houses or whatever else they can lay their hand on.  

Is it just a coincidence that Pixar continues to deliver hit after another hit? or is it the team work that make Pixar stand out. Consider Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Bugs life, Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Cars, Wall-E, etc.

“Alienus Non Diutius” hits the nail for software organization. Gone are the days of lone rangers where organization rode on the back of heroes only to find they can’t scale. Heroes are still needed (actually by a lot) – but someone who knows how to be part of a team environment. Such heroes bring sea change in an organization. These gifted individuals groom other strong players bringing high tide in the organization and make it play on a level field otherwise not possible.


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