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We live in a time of convergence where examples are littered show casing various technologies or products converging to enhance end user experience. One case in point digital media and home entertainment serving to improve everyday experience. Just pick one category of your liking and you will soon find someone is pushing the envelope either bringing adjacency services closer or building one if it doesn’t already exist.

Same is true for the business software community. It remains an emerging trend to converge and deliver enhanced experience for business users.

I usually put the convergence in three categories that overtime gets delivered as one unified solution. These are:



1. Improve a person’s productivity in the workplace.

2. Improve the ability to make decision easier based on historical or projection based heuristics

3. Improve an individual social standing in the peer community






There are multiple ways this convergence is getting accomplished. People who observe business software see how the dots are getting connected – be it through an acquisition in the marketplace or the kind of releases introduced in the marketplace.

One big plus is the maturity (and availability) of technology infrastructure – particularly around web based computing model – which helps converge and deliver combined user experience feasible.


It is an exciting time being in this space and next decade is going to be much better than the past decade – as far as the overall business solutions are concerned.


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