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Cloud computing is the buzz.

Cloud computing is on the rise.

Cloud infrastructure is becoming cheap and broadly available. Just check out the Amazon EC2 pricing.

Cloud grows (or shrinks) with my need. Infect there is a term for this aka “elastic cloud“. 

Cloud can support my on premise license software copy. 

Cloud computing has lot of cool acronyms – Saas, PaaS, HaaS, S+S, etc.

Moore’s law will continue to drive the cloud cheaper, reliable and readily available.

Some say – Cloud – like other essential services – is recession proof.

Only computer hardware that I need (someday) should be some plug on the wall.

So why buy my own hardware? when I can rely on the professionally managed, well administered, and reliable computing infrastructure for my personal or business use?

I want total control over my little cloud – including pulling it back on premise as and when I deem right.

I want computing infrastructure to be a matter of personal choice – whether I want it on premise or I want it on my cloud.

I want my cloud – mine…and good thing it is getting there.


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