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Buy American

To say the least – last couple of weeks have been rough in the financial market. It is hard to bring trust back in the system particularly after seeing retirement or life savings getting wiped off. It takes a while to come to term with things.

On the other hand – it is the time for leadership to reassure the masses. Particularly who can pave the path and put down their own money where their mouth is. Warren Buffet is one such leader. Beside being so successful – he remains as someone who touches lot of hearts due to his down to earth personality; simple living and high thinking.

Warren recently penned down an Op-Ed in New York Times titled: Buy American. I Am. It captures the essense why it is time to believe the market and invest. I like Warren so much that I stole the title from his Op-Ed. It is simple and powerful to convey the thought. 

It is glass half-full not half-empty.

So here are the few investments I made recently. It will be interesting to see how these pan out in the long run.

Exxon Mobile – XOM
Home Depot – HD
Lowes – LOW
Diamond Offshore – DO
Stryker – SYK
3M – MMM

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