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Can east keep its edge

Both China and India largely used to be the nation of bicycle. Both countries are growing leaps and bounds. I just hope both countries can find a good balance between modernization and tradition to keep the pendulum from moving too far. Also, hopefully learn from what West is trying to do to encourage more eco-friendly environment.

Now at much of Europe you can rent a bicycle (and it is gaining prominence) to go around locally – particulalry when you are travelling in the heart of the city.

Here is a sampler – from Europe, China and India – all happily biking away.


1 thought on “Can east keep its edge”

  1. Hi Alok

    Absolutely true. Today public transport and cycles have come down drastically compared to what I have seen in my childhood days and the learning of cycle using a rented cycle for an hour and giving it 5 or 10 mts later hoping that the shop owner will not ask extra money were all fun part of life.

    Today my sons must be on their 4th or 5th cycle and with 5 of us as brothers and sisters my father had 1 cycle that too we bought in mid 80’s !! what a change of turn to India and the people out there.

    I wish i had more hapinees than now for sure.


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