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Weekend wrap

Few stories caught my attention as I wrap up the weekend:

1. Use of hologram during election coverage by CNN. I am not sure how many saw it during the telecast on Tuesday. It looked cool on TV. Although technology remains some what weak.  Also, some time back Cisco shared its telepresence initiative that is making buzz as well.

Anyway – Gizmodo has details on how holograms were brought to life during election coverage. Check it out.

2. Need entrepreneurs. While I am on the topic of election – I was reading an article on Forbes written by Sramana Mitra about President Obama and his promise to create 5 million jobs. Her point to create 5 million jobs will require creating 50,000 entrepreneurs. I agree. Listening to entrepreneurs and nurturing a supportive environment is what will take get economy back on track.

3. Is humility and ignorance a missing trait in business environment? This article from James Montier on investment captures the thought well. Somewhere along the line people start to appear know-all; can’t-fail, over-confident bunch. Anyway, few nuggets from the article that caught my attention: 

Quote from Confucius: “To ask a question is but a moment’s shame, but to live in ignorance is lifelong shame”

“…that we need to learn more and more about less and less until we know everything about nothing…”


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