Fake cloud?

I liked this blog entry on 15 ways to tell it is not cloud. Among them, I liked these the most:

  • If they are trying to sell you hardware… its not a cloud.
  • If there is no API… its not a cloud.
  • If you need to re-architect your systems for it… Its not a cloud.
  • If it takes more than ten minutes to provision… its not a cloud.
  • If it only runs one operating system… its not a cloud.

One thing, I would have added to the list and see cloud succeed:

  • If you can’t transfer your existing software licence… its not a cloud.

Cloud computing is maturing and progressing well. It continues to become reliable and available at cheaper cost than businesses otherwise would spend. Time will tell its success. One trend to observe will be small-mid businesses broadly adopting cloud to run businesses-critical core applications beyond adjacency services.


About aloktyagi

After travelling the world and living in several places, Alok lives with his wife Alka and two daughters Ayushi and Mansi in Denver, Colorado. At work Alok is known to build software products and run engineering organizations - a life long passion.
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