Opening up source code

Some good pointers to consider making a close source effort to open source. Here is an example of Ingres and how it transition from close source to open source.

Key points – and SCO/Unix fight has contributed to this learning.

  • Comb every line of the source before opening it up and remove questionable references/code snippets
  • Pick the right open source licence
  • It takes some promotion and effort to attract open source community
  • Security concerns are not any more vulnerable in Open Source than Close Source (Re-engineering usually attributes to similar security vulnerability than what one may find reviewing the source)

I would probably add following to the list:

  • Understand business need. Both Closed Source and Open Source (or a combination) has its merit – so understand what problem is being tackled by opening the source
  • Consider what open community suits the need and how it helps the community
  • Consider business model and structural changes required 
  • Consider the stage of product life cycle

About aloktyagi

After travelling the world and living in several places, Alok lives with his wife Alka and two daughters Ayushi and Mansi in Denver, Colorado. At work Alok is known to build software products and run engineering organizations - a life long passion.
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