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Globalization of R&D

As world continue to flatten and economies become increasingly inter-connected – globalization of R&D remains a successful approach. Booz & Company published its recent study of 1000 public companies sharing the trend; rationale and geographic growth. The study is pretty recent and it was published in Winter of 2008. 

Check out the study here

This study emphasize – what I have always believed in – that globalization of R&D is just not about lower cost. Although cost gets more touted than the overall perspective that globalization can bring. It is about Innovation, access to better talent pool and market proximity otherwise not available. 

I also believe that doing it right require time and commitment.  There is no quick fix. In fact, more established an organization – harder it can be. It is like any other execution effort where there are companies that has successfully implemented the model as there are countless others who tried and failed.  




Snippet of message that sums up the study:

“… companies that invest wisely in a multinational innovation footprint are gaining far better returns on their R&D investment than companies that exclusively keep their laboratories at home — or that fragment them across a wide variety of locations.”

Here is a data point pertaining to the globalization of R&D as it relates to US: 

“At first glance, observers might think that this represents a loss of jobs, intellectual power, and influence for the home countries of these companies. But innovation spending seems to flow in both directions at once. Even as the companies based in the U.S. performed $80.1 billion worth of R&D in other countries, companies headquartered elsewhere poured $42.6 billion into R&D conducted in the U.S.  In fact, 40 percent of the money spent on R&D in the U.S. is spent by companies headquartered elsewhere. The total amount of R&D spending in the U.S. is 2.7 times as great as in Japan, whereas the spending generated by companies headquartered in the U.S. is only two times as great.”


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