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I love reading books. Books have been helpful and insightful in guiding me all along. Beside several great mentors  who supported, coached and guided me along – I credit few good business books in shaping my thought process thus far.

My younger daughter, Mansi, is another bookworm. Over the last 2 years or so – I hardly find her sitting idle. If she has no home work or other chores to do – a good chance is that she is reading some book. She usually read fiction books that come in series.

Yesterday, I asked her to provide me a list of the series of books that she has read during the last 2 years or so. Here is what she provided me a short while later – complaining she can’t remember all. I also asked her to include number of books in that series she has read.

  1. Keys to the Kingdom                                                                          7
  2. Spiderwick Chronicles                                                                        8
  3. Heir series ( Warrior Heir, Wizard Heir, Dragon Heir)                       3
  4. Harry Potter                                                                                       7
  5. Series of Unfortunate Events                                                                         13
  6. Nancy Drew                                                                                        57
  7. Flora series ( Flora Segunda, Flora’s Dare)                                        2
  8. On The Run                                                                                         7
  9. Pendragon                                                                                          10
  10. ( The City of Ember, The People of Sparks)                                       2
  11. ( The City of Stars, The City of Flowers , The City of Masks)           3
  12. Twilight Saga                                                                                      4
  13. (Nobody’s Princess, Nobody’s Prize)                                                 2
  14. Secret of Droon                                                                                   8
  15. Chronicles of Narnia                                                                          7

Total                                                                                                                140 

Incredible!!! I hope she keeps up with her book reading spirit as she grows up. It also explain all those trips to the local library every other week or so to drop off and haul the next bundle.


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