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Community versus Mob

In the current day and age – web technologies has made building communities very easy. Also, Communities are extremely helpful in solving everyday challenges and come in every shape, size and cause. Social communities come together for common good and find each other supportive that see greater success. However, be watchful while building social communities to ensure it provide the desired result and not end up in a mob mentality.



Dictionary Definition: A group of people having common interests Dictionary Definition: A group of persons stimulating one another to excitement and losing ordinary rational control over their activity.
Come together for a common purpose to help each other and governed by community defined common rule. Find themselves to be together for a singular action. It encourages members to act in anonymity
Support each other for the greater good. Driven by sharing and participating Strongly peer enforced behavior typically by the leading vocal voice towards achieve singular goal.
Knowingly join the community to contribute and get help. Long term commitment Come together to achieve singular cause (usually negative). Community interests are not the driving agenda.

Open to every day need of the community

Open to the most vocal voice and typically prevails all other agenda.
Fosters dis-agreements and healthy dialogue seeking better answers Shuts down voice of dis-agreement. Usually targeting that erupts in flame wars
End result: Get the best out of people who act in a constructive social experience for the greater good End result: People act differently in a group that they would otherwise not do individually. Usually resulting in less desired social experience.



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