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Life is about rhythms.

Establish good rhythms and life become humming…likewise fail to establish rhythm and soon we are panting leaving us out of breath.

Rhythms are important both in personal life and in professional life. Right rhythms help achieve what we care about and bring desired change. Like I have some rhythms around personal life such as weekly sport activity; weekly movie night with family etc. Likewise I have personal rhythm around things where I am attempting to change something. Like my desire to reduce my weight. Here I have tried numerous changes to my regular routine (diet/exercise) although I have yet to find the right rhythm here.

Same can be said true on the organization front. How many times we all have been part of initiatives that seem great at the onset and started with best intentions – only to see them fizzle out?  We all can count our fair share of such starts and stops.

Hence it is important we establish the rhythm – whether it is for our everyday work (our day job) or when we start something new organizationally. I tend to avoid starting new initiative if I am not able to find establishing an operating rhythm around it.  Finding that systemic balance is bliss making organization to “move the needle”.

Like I believe in 3P – People, Product, Process. So my daily life at work is divided between these 3 pillars and I have regular activities around it. On People front- I have various work rhythm like having monthly town hall style meetings; regular 1x1s and recognitions; etc. Around Process – there are process health checks; retrospectives; weekly dashboards; etc. Around Product – I have weekly project reviews; architecture reviews; product demos; etc.

So what establishes an operating rhythm? To me it means something that we make it “Regular” part of life and “Measure” it periodically to know our progress.  Idea being – leveraging rhythms can help with the desired change we seek either individually or organizationally and forced habit over time become part of our DNA. I am glad no one reminds us to breathe every so often 🙂


1 thought on “Rhythms”

  1. Great minds think alike! I was planning to write about how I could apply the concept of retrospectives in agile to my personal and professional life to get a better rythm. I will defer this idea for a month or two to avoid the charge of plagiarism. 🙂

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