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Teamwork and Collaboration

Earlier today, I stumbled on this video clip of John Chambers speaking to Harvard Business on few of the things changing on the organization front. It is vital in the current day and age where increasingly changing landscape and global competition that continue to shape things faster than ever before. The need to scale our organization has never been higher.

Anyway few things that we should care about on organization front:

1. Value of councils and pulling together cross functional work groups to help scale the organization. We initiated Management Excellence earlier. I am now looking forward to the Quality and Architecture council initiative to help us bring excellence in Quality and Technology execution.

2. From Command and Control to Leadership by influence. Value of Collaborative leadership (read: be prepared to give more than you get) has never been higher in our business valuing our people. Just remember life is not zero sum game.

3. Importance of Social Media. I am proud of our team who regularly blogs on our product Community Sites and participate in various forums/discussions. We are connecting with our stakeholders in more ways than ever before.

Our landscape is changing. We are no perfect by any means. However, we are prepared to learn and change and that is what counts. I am mighty proud of our organization and it is a privilege to lead such talented team.

Check out this video on YouTube:


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