Organization Development, Personal


This is an exciting time for people working in the technology field. Technology landscape is constantly changing and not a period goes by when we don’t hear about innovation happening all around us. In fact, we experience most of the innovation as consumer sooner these days. So one has to keep investing in personal growth and keep probing – how prepared are you when such new technology opportunity knocks at your door step?

If your answer is yes – then pat yourself on the back and keep doing what you are doing keeping up with the learning and preparedness to ride the change curve. You may find yourself as someone who get sought after in the industry to lead/participate and shape the future. Good chances are you may also be creating some of these opportunities.

However, if the answer is no – you may want to start thinking what you should do to be prepared. We all know change happen regardless and time don’t wait for anyone. Sometime the challenge is how to get started and one struggle thinking through what need to be done. My advise is to find friends who are successfully keeping up with the change to understand what they do to remain prepared. You should spend more time with them and learn a lot through hand holding;  seeing how others are approaching the change can be the inertia one need to get started. It is the effect of having a good peer network that supports and draws you out. Just make sure you approach it with a positive attitude and be committed to put in the hard work it requires. Also, pay attention to what need unlearning as well as at times past behavior/practices need to be let go before learning/relearning new approaches. So cherish the past, learn from the past but don’t let the past hold us back.

Finally as the saying goes – luck is when preparation meet opportunity. So invest in yourself and be prepared to make the most of the opportunity knocking on our door step. You sure don’t want to miss the excitement that is shaping in front of us to put our fingerprints on it!


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