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Service mindset

Thought it will be worthwhile revisiting it based on several discussions earlier this week.

Cloud/SaaS focus is more about the second ‘S’ in SaaS that stand for ‘Service’ over first ‘S’ – Software. It is the ‘Service’ aspect that differentiate SaaS with traditional Software product approaches – particularly in the enterprise space. There are various ways to architect and deliver Software across various different computing Platforms – traditional and/or Cloud.

So what define a ‘Service’ mindset. Here are some aspect that make a Service different from traditional product: 

  • Know how customer are using the product automatically. Through software can you proactively advise customers for effective use of the solution addressing their problem
  • Continuously deliver new commercial value to customers that customers actually consume
  • Software is super easy to install, setup, update, upgrade and done without much human intervention.
  • All your customers are keeping current and on the same version of software (release/update)
  • Intuitive customer experience that delight users every time they use the software
  • End users get easily trained on new feature/functionalities as part of the new enhancement rollout
  • Deliver stellar quality of software that enable high SLA (six 9s) and software always on. Reliable, Redundant, Scalable and Secured

Just ask how your product/organization can achieve these – regardless of the underlying architecture or platform. It is more about what matter to customers over purity of computing platform or architecture. And we will find real issues can be solved various ways across different computing platform.


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