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Why Agile

Product organizations are going through significant transformation. Business/commercial expectations of the Product organizations are changing; customer (buyer) behaviors are changing; how software gets priced; distributed and implemented is changing; People/employee expectation within an organization is changing; etc. All of this has led to the Product organizations transforming their inner-working and organizing things differently. As someone… Continue reading Why Agile

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In our lifetime…

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin In our life time - we saw: Computers came to life. And shrank in size as fast as they came while becoming extremely powerful Computers… Continue reading In our lifetime…

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Leadership by Influence – Part Deux

This is in continuation to the earlier post...Here are few things I do more consciously than ever before in my own leadership journey: 1. Hire bright people and get out-of-the-way. It has been my rule #1 forever. Leaders are responsible for bringing in the bright talent and establish right organization processes/structure necessary that encourages desirable… Continue reading Leadership by Influence – Part Deux

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Collaborative Leadership – Leadership by Influence

Command and Control style leadership is outdated. Gone are the days when an organization look up to the leader and expect all the answers - or have leaders that expect to answer everything.  It limits what an organization can accomplish. Leaders who expect to have their fingers in every hole and micro manage stops much… Continue reading Collaborative Leadership – Leadership by Influence

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Market-ing: Make it personal

We live in a time where communicating to broad audience alone one way has limited reach and stickiness. To make a message sticky and gain viral spread - you want to communicate through your audience. You want to foster a community of influencers who can help spread your message and communicate for you. Ask someone… Continue reading Market-ing: Make it personal

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Difficulties mastered are opportunities won

Tough time present opportunities otherwise not available. Current economic environment is just one such opportunity. Much depend on how we as individuals act and enable others to act to make the best of it. It is  our collective attitude that determine how an organization will fare as the rough weather passes. Few thoughts: 1. Know… Continue reading Difficulties mastered are opportunities won

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We live in a time of convergence where examples are littered show casing various technologies or products converging to enhance end user experience. One case in point digital media and home entertainment serving to improve everyday experience. Just pick one category of your liking and you will soon find someone is pushing the envelope either… Continue reading Convergence

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Well done is better than well said…

Earlier today, I was watching an interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger on ABC. In response to a question he quoted his belief around "Well done is better than well said". I love it... Action just speak louder than the words. It is great to be of creative mind and think new ideas. But the fun is in converting those… Continue reading Well done is better than well said…

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People process

Bob Bennett from Sage Payment Solution Division recommended "The Future of Management" and also send me a copy to read. It is an interesting read and the book compares the management practices of the yesteryears to what is needed now to build an innovative/high performance organization. Management Innovation is called out repeatedly touting empowered employees… Continue reading People process

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How you feed your Ecosystem

All of us are potential teachers and learners - in a collaborative environment we are both. Ecosystem has been a topic I have covered off and on here both in the context of enterprise communities as well as social communities. Social communities continue to grow with various popular examples popping up everyday ala Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Twitter, YouTube, etc.… Continue reading How you feed your Ecosystem

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A key measure of a successful product organization is its ability to deliver on Quality commitments. This usually is the cost of entry in a competitive market landscape. There is no magic formula for an organization to get there. Key remains building a culture of continuous improvement. In Japanese, there is a term that describes "continuous improvement" mindset well. It… Continue reading Kaizen

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Power of an Agile Mind

Agile processes have come a long way. It is now available in various flavors and different names. All promises an organization's ability to deliver customer value faster while enabling organization to deal with the change. Several successful stories ranging from start up entrepreneurial companies to established large software organization help Agile Processes continue to gain traction.  However key to the success comes… Continue reading Power of an Agile Mind

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Last month or two, blogsphere is abuzz about Facebook. Particularly, after Mark Zuckerberg, wonderboy CEO of Facebook, announced F8. For those who missed F8 announcement - this is Facebook launching a development platform to building applications leveraging social networks. A very good analysis of Facebook and its new social platform is done by Marc Andreessen at his blog here. I… Continue reading Facebook

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Growing the ecosystem

Application grows Technology Ecosystem grows Application One example is Google maps. Although a late entrant in the world of maps with an established competitor Mapquest. But by opening up its APIs and encouraging it to be used beyond "driving direction" has promoted a healthy ecosystem of building unlimited solutions around geographical mapping needs. Now Google maps based mashups are available around the world on almost any… Continue reading Growing the ecosystem

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You get what you measure (or lack of)

As the saying goes "What you can't measure - you can't improve". Paul Kedrosky mentioned in his blog various metrics an enterprise software company to use. It lists a score card of a typical good enterprise software company. Personally, I am a number kind of a guy and also emphasize measuring various aspect of business - be it around what… Continue reading You get what you measure (or lack of)

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Social communities and interaction within enterprises

Enterprise 2.0 is a catchy term. If our history teaches us something about hype cycle it is the over usage of trendy terms. However, well known terms also are the best way to capture much of the broader context to convey the essence and help with the mass adoption. So to better describe what Enterprise… Continue reading Social communities and interaction within enterprises

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Enterprise-ready: things to consider

I have been talking about Enterprise-ready for over a year now on what is needed for a development organization to deliver enteprise ready product. So capturing some thoughts on what an Enterprise ready product should contain that need to be kept in mind during product development. Basic product out of the box should simply work for what it… Continue reading Enterprise-ready: things to consider