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Employees, Customers and Shareholders – who comes first?

Key stakeholders of a company are its shareholders, customers and its employees. Businesses are organized for the benefit of its shareholders. Nevertheless, the question of corporate priorities and which one should come first, second, or last – is a never ending debate. From a company board and business order of priority perspective the answer would… Continue reading Employees, Customers and Shareholders – who comes first?

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Paradox in business life

Life is full of paradoxes. All of us experience it on daily basis. Business life is no exception either. Few examples: Seek consensus or seek difference of opinion: Looking for consensus? But difference of opinion is what bring individuality and makes a place aspiring. However, you need a level of consensus to build buy-in for successful… Continue reading Paradox in business life

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In our lifetime…

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin In our life time - we saw: Computers came to life. And shrank in size as fast as they came while becoming extremely powerful Computers… Continue reading In our lifetime…

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Market-ing: Make it personal

We live in a time where communicating to broad audience alone one way has limited reach and stickiness. To make a message sticky and gain viral spread - you want to communicate through your audience. You want to foster a community of influencers who can help spread your message and communicate for you. Ask someone… Continue reading Market-ing: Make it personal

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Share your ideas – Social Media 101

I find myself in more situations lately educating others or asking others to embrace social media as part of professional life. It has become a norm for start up companies where social media is part of life. However, in established companies it is a journey: some leap forward and others need hand holding to get… Continue reading Share your ideas – Social Media 101

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Business of software

While talking to few acquaintances who are in the business of building different kind of software (Attention based; consumer product; SaaS; or others) than on-premise enterprise software products - it is interesting to observe similar discussion. This is probably the core nature of software business. At the end of the day it comes down to… Continue reading Business of software

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Is the world round again?

While no doubt we are living through one of the tough economic times - probably the most difficult we can remember in the recent time. But are the policies that promotes protectionism the way out of the current economic mess? Here are some of the discussions happening at our policy makers circle:- Protectionism as part… Continue reading Is the world round again?

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Difficulties mastered are opportunities won

Tough time present opportunities otherwise not available. Current economic environment is just one such opportunity. Much depend on how we as individuals act and enable others to act to make the best of it. It is  our collective attitude that determine how an organization will fare as the rough weather passes. Few thoughts: 1. Know… Continue reading Difficulties mastered are opportunities won

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Innovation stumbling block

Innovation is hard. It is usually hard in an established organization. Why? Top 3 reasons, in my mind, that hurt innovation in an established organization: 1. Knowledge - It is a double edge sword. While past experience helps but many smart brains get caught up to the learning or failed experiences of the past talking… Continue reading Innovation stumbling block

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Well done is better than well said…

Earlier today, I was watching an interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger on ABC. In response to a question he quoted his belief around "Well done is better than well said". I love it... Action just speak louder than the words. It is great to be of creative mind and think new ideas. But the fun is in converting those… Continue reading Well done is better than well said…

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Globalization: Rise of the rest

I just wrapped up Fareed Zakaria's book titled "Post American World". It is a good read and attempts to provide macro view of the world; discusses trends and perspective on things to come/shape future in the next couple of decades. Here are the excerpts from the book covered on Newsweek. Here is Fareed's interview on BBC providing glimpse… Continue reading Globalization: Rise of the rest

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Social communities at its best

Someday you happen to stumble on a story that just amazes you. I happen to come across an article on Kiva.org. It is building a community that matches people who want to give with the people who could use some help around the world. Kiva has taken micro-financing to a new level by combining the power of Internet with… Continue reading Social communities at its best

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Evolving social communities

As Facebook evolves so does the promise of Facebook applications helping business users. This is the chasm Facebook need to cross as it attracts business users. CIO magazine recently published its list of 5 such widgets for business users.   I like Wiki mono (think ability to collaborate and generate some kind of document say quote, proposal, etc. together)… Continue reading Evolving social communities

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Entrepreneurs alike who are either looking to bootstrap their business or work with an investor will find reading "Bootstrapping" book by Greg Gianforte helpful. Greg is a serial entrepreneur and currently the founder, CEO of RightNow - which is a SaaS/CRM play in the enterprise arena. Although the book is written in the context of bootstrapping… Continue reading Bootstrapping

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Going Solar

Recently, Google announced its plan to go solar at its headquarters. Several wealthy individuals, investors, companies are deeply committed to the cause of making the environment better. But this is good corporate example where a company is going beyond contributing money or investing to the cause - to actually doing what it believes helps the environment. This is a fair… Continue reading Going Solar

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Enterprise 2.0

Much discussion is in progress about Enterprise 2.0 - including a large cry after "Enterprise 2.0" was deleted from Wikipedia earlier. Here is my simple explanation of Enterprise 2.0. Model every day enterprise users activity leveraging Web 2.0 based technologies (like Ajax, RSS, Wikis, blogs, IM, etc.) that can provide increased social interaction (like successful models of MySpace,… Continue reading Enterprise 2.0