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Employees, Customers and Shareholders – who comes first?

Key stakeholders of a company are its shareholders, customers and its employees. Businesses are organized for the benefit of its shareholders. Nevertheless, the question of corporate priorities and which one should come first, second, or last – is a never … Continue reading

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Paradox in business life

Life is full of paradoxes. All of us experience it on daily basis. Business life is no exception either. Few examples: Seek consensus or seek difference of opinion: Looking for consensus? But difference of opinion is what bring individuality and makes … Continue reading

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In our lifetime…

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. – Charles Darwin In our life time – we saw: Computers came to … Continue reading

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Interesting musings…

During the last few days – I stumbled on 2 interesting thread. One from Frank Scavo – where he summed up Nick Carr’s presentation on Cloud computing and how it is changing the IT landscape.  Not much new here from … Continue reading

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Market-ing: Make it personal

We live in a time where communicating to broad audience alone one way has limited reach and stickiness. To make a message sticky and gain viral spread – you want to communicate through your audience. You want to foster a … Continue reading

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Share your ideas – Social Media 101

I find myself in more situations lately educating others or asking others to embrace social media as part of professional life. It has become a norm for start up companies where social media is part of life. However, in established … Continue reading

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Business of software

While talking to few acquaintances who are in the business of building different kind of software (Attention based; consumer product; SaaS; or others) than on-premise enterprise software products – it is interesting to observe similar discussion. This is probably the … Continue reading

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