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Service mindset

Thought it will be worthwhile revisiting it based on several discussions earlier this week. Cloud/SaaS focus is more about the second 'S' in SaaS that stand for 'Service' over first 'S' - Software. It is the 'Service' aspect that differentiate SaaS with traditional Software product approaches - particularly in the enterprise space. There are various… Continue reading Service mindset

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Why Agile

Product organizations are going through significant transformation. Business/commercial expectations of the Product organizations are changing; customer (buyer) behaviors are changing; how software gets priced; distributed and implemented is changing; People/employee expectation within an organization is changing; etc. All of this has led to the Product organizations transforming their inner-working and organizing things differently. As someone… Continue reading Why Agile

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Wanna play? Can you commit?

"It was my tongue that swore; my heart is unsworn" - Euripides We all have personally experienced, heard or seen examples where an individual or team accomplish goals that otherwise was seen hard to accomplish. It is the kind of stories that surprise people involved. You know about it when you experience it. And I am sure… Continue reading Wanna play? Can you commit?

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Leadership by Influence – Part Deux

This is in continuation to the earlier post...Here are few things I do more consciously than ever before in my own leadership journey: 1. Hire bright people and get out-of-the-way. It has been my rule #1 forever. Leaders are responsible for bringing in the bright talent and establish right organization processes/structure necessary that encourages desirable… Continue reading Leadership by Influence – Part Deux

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Collaborative Leadership – Leadership by Influence

Command and Control style leadership is outdated. Gone are the days when an organization look up to the leader and expect all the answers - or have leaders that expect to answer everything.  It limits what an organization can accomplish. Leaders who expect to have their fingers in every hole and micro manage stops much… Continue reading Collaborative Leadership – Leadership by Influence

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Ideas that spread – wins!

Although it is an hour long video - but captures well why in today's world it is vital for everyone to remain connected with their customers and help spread ideas. Also, Seth has great delivery and captures this topic so eloquently. It is fun to hear some of his usual examples around slice bread or purple cow.… Continue reading Ideas that spread – wins!

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Business of software

While talking to few acquaintances who are in the business of building different kind of software (Attention based; consumer product; SaaS; or others) than on-premise enterprise software products - it is interesting to observe similar discussion. This is probably the core nature of software business. At the end of the day it comes down to… Continue reading Business of software

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Serving customer experience

Last few days I went through two separate incidents reminding me of poor business applications resulting into bad customer experience that can easily be avoided - should customer view point is considered while automating any business process.  1. My elder daughter who is now 17+ was in the process of buying a car. I decided… Continue reading Serving customer experience

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Globalization of R&D

As world continue to flatten and economies become increasingly inter-connected - globalization of R&D remains a successful approach. Booz & Company published its recent study of 1000 public companies sharing the trend; rationale and geographic growth. The study is pretty recent and it was published in Winter of 2008.  Check out the study here.  This study emphasize… Continue reading Globalization of R&D

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Innovation stumbling block

Innovation is hard. It is usually hard in an established organization. Why? Top 3 reasons, in my mind, that hurt innovation in an established organization: 1. Knowledge - It is a double edge sword. While past experience helps but many smart brains get caught up to the learning or failed experiences of the past talking… Continue reading Innovation stumbling block

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We live in a time of convergence where examples are littered show casing various technologies or products converging to enhance end user experience. One case in point digital media and home entertainment serving to improve everyday experience. Just pick one category of your liking and you will soon find someone is pushing the envelope either… Continue reading Convergence

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Alienus Non Diutius

Pixar motto "Alienus Non Diutius" (Latin for "Alone no longer") speaks volume. Pixar is probably the only Hollywood production house that emphasizes collaboration where crew remain employed one movie after another. This is considerably different from other production houses where everyone is on a contract for one movie. Once the movie is over folks moves on to their next production… Continue reading Alienus Non Diutius

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Simplicity – an example

NYTimes published this interactive chart showing statewide voting trends of democratic primary. Just plain simple and easy chart - allowing information to dice and slice; form individual opinion and navigate the trend. Consider the amount of multi-dimensional data that this chart shows. It consists of 16 dimensions; 50 data points; each data point suggesting additional attribute of %age point gain; etc. times… Continue reading Simplicity – an example

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Peachtree 2009

Earlier we released Peachtree 2009. This release has some great features - including improvement in the Payroll, Cash Management and Reporting space. Also, check out Quantum, which include smart posting effort and others enhancements boosting tremendous performance and scalability gains. This will be a great win in the marketplace for our Peachtree/Quantum customers. Kudos to the Peachtree organization for delivering yet another great… Continue reading Peachtree 2009

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A key measure of a successful product organization is its ability to deliver on Quality commitments. This usually is the cost of entry in a competitive market landscape. There is no magic formula for an organization to get there. Key remains building a culture of continuous improvement. In Japanese, there is a term that describes "continuous improvement" mindset well. It… Continue reading Kaizen

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Power of an Agile Mind

Agile processes have come a long way. It is now available in various flavors and different names. All promises an organization's ability to deliver customer value faster while enabling organization to deal with the change. Several successful stories ranging from start up entrepreneurial companies to established large software organization help Agile Processes continue to gain traction.  However key to the success comes… Continue reading Power of an Agile Mind

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Last month or two, blogsphere is abuzz about Facebook. Particularly, after Mark Zuckerberg, wonderboy CEO of Facebook, announced F8. For those who missed F8 announcement - this is Facebook launching a development platform to building applications leveraging social networks. A very good analysis of Facebook and its new social platform is done by Marc Andreessen at his blog here. I… Continue reading Facebook

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Tom Chikoore sent me a note over the weekend sharing he just co-founded and started This is still a beta site - but I wish Tom and success. He is very hard working, dedicated and talented developer. I remember his passion helping evolve interoperability infrastructure and defining SOA enabled architecture several years back during JDEdwards days when… Continue reading

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You get what you measure (or lack of)

As the saying goes "What you can't measure - you can't improve". Paul Kedrosky mentioned in his blog various metrics an enterprise software company to use. It lists a score card of a typical good enterprise software company. Personally, I am a number kind of a guy and also emphasize measuring various aspect of business - be it around what… Continue reading You get what you measure (or lack of)

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3P – People, Product and Process

Last few days, I was busy clearing much of the boxes that I had brought back from my office. It was walking down the memory lane going over various folders, documents and depositing them to recycle. One thing I noticed was how long 3P - People, Product Process has been part of my work. I found meeting agenda starting in year… Continue reading 3P – People, Product and Process