Photo Journal – India Visit

Photo Journal from the 2006 India visit.

My dad celebrated his first ever birthday at the age of 67. Here my sister Archana and I are helping him cut his first ever cake in his life time. Things were much different when he was growing up in a village in India before India’s Independence. Boy! times have changed for him.


This time we took detour from regual family affair to a real vacation this time in India. We started our trip from Delhi and went to Jim Corbett tiger sanctuary, Nainital, Ranikhet, Pantnagar and back to Delhi.

One group photo on the way to nainital of my sister and my family.


We started at Jim Corbett Tiger Sancturay. Here are some photo from Jim Corbett.

The resort we lived at Jim Corbett (Hyde away) was very comfortable. An awesome place to relax. But pretty expensive from Indian standard.


Mansi picking mangoes at the Jim Corbett Resort where we stayed.


At the watch house on a huge banyan tree. Although we did not spot any tiger – the prized catch for people to visit Jim Corbett but we had lot of fun doing our jeep safari.


Mansi proved she can be a good acrobat or may be monkey.


From Jim Corbett we travelled to Nainital. Here are some photos from Nainital. This one from Nainital lake.


At governer’s house in Nainital. We were told by the guide how this place is popular for movie makers. Various bollywood movies got filmed at Governer’s house. Actually, governer does not live there and decided to open it up for public visits.


Another tree climbing expedition of Mansi and Anuja.


We travelled to Ranikhet – a beautiful place where farming is predominat on the hilly terrain. Imagine beautiful mountains full of harvest and fruit orchards.


How can one go to India without visiting temples. This one in Ranikhet with countless bells for so called “wishes come true” prayers.


An apple orchard in Ranikhet. Actually state sponsored for research and more of botanical garden than true orchard. Specializes in variety and quality than quantity.


A hybrid tree in production. Its 3 twigs are from different fruits – Apple, Peach and Plum.


Group photo at the Apple orchard.

We also visited Alka, my wife’s family in Kanpur, India. Here are some photos from that visit.

In hindu religion, kids get their head shaved when they are young. Something to do with purification. It is called “Mundan” ceremony. This ceremony happened for Aditi while we were in India. Here she is with her brother after the ceremony.

Aditi's mundan


Kids just had fun everytime as they find many other kids to play with all the time.


Group photo with my in-laws.

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  1. Jangveer Singh says:

    Your photos were great. Its great you could share them with everyone.Next time you go visiting do tell everyone about your experiences so that others may gain.

  2. aloktyagi says:

    I plan on posting it on my blog.


  3. Alok says:

    Hello Alok,

    Here is also Alok Tyagi from Ghaziabad.

    To talk with me you can mail me at

    or or

    For more i want to see your mail in my inbox first.



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