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Know thyself

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. ~ Tao I enjoy meeting people who are self-aware. I look for the opportunity to work with them wherever possible. Working with them usually turns out to be a great experience where I end up gaining more and… Continue reading Know thyself

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Paradox in business life

Life is full of paradoxes. All of us experience it on daily basis. Business life is no exception either. Few examples: Seek consensus or seek difference of opinion: Looking for consensus? But difference of opinion is what bring individuality and makes a place aspiring. However, you need a level of consensus to build buy-in for successful… Continue reading Paradox in business life

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In our lifetime…

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin In our life time - we saw: Computers came to life. And shrank in size as fast as they came while becoming extremely powerful Computers… Continue reading In our lifetime…

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Teamwork and Collaboration

Earlier today, I stumbled on this video clip of John Chambers speaking to Harvard Business on few of the things changing on the organization front. It is vital in the current day and age where increasingly changing landscape and global competition that continue to shape things faster than ever before. The need to scale our… Continue reading Teamwork and Collaboration

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Ideas that spread – wins!

Although it is an hour long video - but captures well why in today's world it is vital for everyone to remain connected with their customers and help spread ideas. Also, Seth has great delivery and captures this topic so eloquently. It is fun to hear some of his usual examples around slice bread or purple cow.… Continue reading Ideas that spread – wins!

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Market-ing: Make it personal

We live in a time where communicating to broad audience alone one way has limited reach and stickiness. To make a message sticky and gain viral spread - you want to communicate through your audience. You want to foster a community of influencers who can help spread your message and communicate for you. Ask someone… Continue reading Market-ing: Make it personal

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Share your ideas – Social Media 101

I find myself in more situations lately educating others or asking others to embrace social media as part of professional life. It has become a norm for start up companies where social media is part of life. However, in established companies it is a journey: some leap forward and others need hand holding to get… Continue reading Share your ideas – Social Media 101

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Business of software

While talking to few acquaintances who are in the business of building different kind of software (Attention based; consumer product; SaaS; or others) than on-premise enterprise software products - it is interesting to observe similar discussion. This is probably the core nature of software business. At the end of the day it comes down to… Continue reading Business of software

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I love reading books. Books have been helpful and insightful in guiding me all along. Beside several great mentors  who supported, coached and guided me along - I credit few good business books in shaping my thought process thus far. My younger daughter, Mansi, is another bookworm. Over the last 2 years or so -… Continue reading Bookworm


Twitter Frenzy

Now you know why anything and everything I think any given moment is so important for the whole world to know. It is not just an isolated case of having short attention span. I gotta run and tweet... make sure you are following me on the twitter <grin> Enjoy!!!

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Difficulties mastered are opportunities won

Tough time present opportunities otherwise not available. Current economic environment is just one such opportunity. Much depend on how we as individuals act and enable others to act to make the best of it. It is  our collective attitude that determine how an organization will fare as the rough weather passes. Few thoughts: 1. Know… Continue reading Difficulties mastered are opportunities won

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Last couple of week, I watched Discovery channel "Project Earth" series. It showcases ideas that environmental engineers are working on to reverse the global warming and reduce carbon dioxide in our environment. One thing that occured to me watching the series is the imagination of people involved. Although, most of the ideas are still scratching the surface… Continue reading Imagineering


Last lecture

Video of Randy Pausch's last lecture. He was a CS professor at CMU. He was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer when he gave this lecture couple of months before his death. One need to watch the video to gain a sense of his personality. Worth watching and inspiring.

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Well done is better than well said…

Earlier today, I was watching an interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger on ABC. In response to a question he quoted his belief around "Well done is better than well said". I love it... Action just speak louder than the words. It is great to be of creative mind and think new ideas. But the fun is in converting those… Continue reading Well done is better than well said…

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People process

Bob Bennett from Sage Payment Solution Division recommended "The Future of Management" and also send me a copy to read. It is an interesting read and the book compares the management practices of the yesteryears to what is needed now to build an innovative/high performance organization. Management Innovation is called out repeatedly touting empowered employees… Continue reading People process

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Globalization: Rise of the rest

I just wrapped up Fareed Zakaria's book titled "Post American World". It is a good read and attempts to provide macro view of the world; discusses trends and perspective on things to come/shape future in the next couple of decades. Here are the excerpts from the book covered on Newsweek. Here is Fareed's interview on BBC providing glimpse… Continue reading Globalization: Rise of the rest